chatswood rsl sub-branch

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance lest we forget


Monthly General Meetings are held on the second Monday each month at 2:00pm at Chatswood RSL Club.



Mr Barney Flanagan OAM


Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Vertzonis


Mr Garry Owen


Mr Garry Brigden


Mr Harry Fox

Mr Malcolm Dimmock

Ms Elizabeth Dorahy





This Sub Branch is governed by the constitution of the RSL NSW Branch and donation policy emanating from the NSW Branch.


The test of eligibility for an individual or organisation to receive a donation is that it must further the Objectives of the League. The constitution calls for a minimum of 50% of money being donated to be donated to recognised RSL Charities as listed in the constitution. Donations are limited by the amount of available funds within the Sub Branch.


This year the Sub Branch’s Donation Plan, approved by State Branch, includes donations to the following:

  • Defence Care
  • RSL Welfare and Benevolent Institute
  • Memorials – Fovant Badges
  • Vietnam Veterans’ Peacekeepers’ and Peacemakers’ Association
  • Australian Veterans’ Children Assistance Trust (AVCAT)
  • Local Commemorative Services Organisations
  • Everman’s Welfare Service

Contact the Sub Branch




The Honorary Secretary
PO Box 5410,
West Chatswood NSW 1515


Phone: (02) 9419 4765